Valentine Place Mats and Napkins

I can hardly wait for Valentine’s Day so we can have a nice little candlelight dinner with two very special guests.

I made these place mats and napkins and they are simple. first I laid a plate on the fabric to decide just how I wanted my heart place-mats shaped. They are kind of round hearts and that is why. I bought some very heavy pelon to interface the place mats so they would have the body they need. I bought the printed fabric on sale some time ago and the red was not expensive.
1- Cut heart shape using the plates you are going to eat on so you will have a template big enough.
2- Cut heart of Valentine fabric, red for the back and heavy pelon inside for body.
3- Layer them with the pelon on the bottom and the red fabric on top of the print.
4- Sew the three fabrics together. You may need to trim a little before you start to make sure all pieces are        the same so the edges match.
5-Leave a space big enough to get your hand through and turn it right side out with the pelon in the middle.
6- Press and pin the fabric where the opening is and top stitch close to the edge so you will catch it when           you sew. The place mat will stay flat and nice if you top stitch all around it.
7- The napkins are 14″ squares of fabric. I chose to do a rolled hem on my serger. If you do not have a serger you can just give it a regular hem oo make them double, stitch around, leave and opening and turn just like you did the place mats.

It is pretty quick and easy to make. That is great because Valentine’s day is almost here!