Thrifty Denim Sports Quilt

denim quilt 2 demin q with pillowcase denim quilt lable football Nate This thrifty  denim Sports quilt is made from 6 and 8 inch strips of denim and backed with 4 strips of sports fabrics.  they are, Basketball, football, soccer and baseball.  I downloaded embroidery designs onto a thumb drive for my sewing machine, (Pfaff Creative 4.5) and embroidered them.  That was really fun to do.  It is  new adventure for me, so now I will be doing this more.  There are lots of free designs out there and some nice ones for just a few dollars.  I put his name in the middle to make it extra personal. He will have this forever! Don’t forget to use embroidery thread.  I used 100% polyester from Sulky and Floriani.

The label is made from a jeans pocket and machine embroidery for the words. for a treasure like this, always add a label with the recipient’s name and yours.  You should also date it and put who quilted it if it was done by someone else.

It is always an extra bonus to made a matching pillow case so this one is made from the scraps from the back with a strip of football fabric for the trim and also on the border of the quilt since this is his favorite sport.  Basketballs on the cuff and then the body is baseballs on one side and soccer balls on the other.  That should delight any boy who loves sports.

I machine quilted it horizontally about every 3 inches.