Stunning Blessing Dress Recycled from Mom’s Wedding Gown

You can make a  stunning baby blessing dress. Recycle the long train of a wedding dress.

20160702_14124520160628_133605This clever bride who wanted to have children some day, chose a wedding dress with an extra long train. It could be used to make a blessing dress later when she would have a baby girl.  Her first baby turned out to be a boy.  Some of the satin from the lining was used to make a little vest for him.  The next baby, soon to come, will be a girl. Mommy was ready.  She wanted a dress with similar tulip sleeves and slightly resemble the wedding dress.

My first challenge was to cut the dress out of the train. It was in more of a fan shape. With a little twisting, I was able to cut it out and leave most of the dress still in tact.  I used the trim from the dress to trim the sleeves. The only thing I bought for it were the buttons and ribbon.

There is enough left of the dress to make a beautiful dress to be worn the day of her confirmation when she is older. !  Another option would be to just keep the rest of the dress for a token of the wedding day or use it for possible future siblings.