Spanish Rice soup

More meals from Food storage, I am working on my goal of keeping food rotated and preventing things from expiring. You can use any meat you have in this soup. I just love soup, and I am grateful my kids like it too. 

 YAY! for soup season.

chicken bouillon, onion, crushed tomatoes, two cans of beans of choice, and the meat of your choice.  One packet of Knorr Spanish rice.

This can be altered to what you have on hand of course.  Drain the cans and put it in the crock pot and cook it all day, or put it in your pot and its ready in less than 30 minutes.

As with other soups, it is great with sour cream, cheese etc. but, Definitely don’t forget the chips!!

  • This looks so nice and easy! I love crock pot cooking. I’m always too tired by 6pm to cook. If I have something started in the morning it keeps us from eating out :). Thanks for sharing!

  • This is really delicious! Thanks, Becky