Quilted Bib



Quilted BqprinThis quilted bib is made from the Baprin pattern that I found on this site Found on craftinessisnotoptional.com  All moms are crazy about this great cover up bib.  Skill level is medium because you have a lot of bias binding to put on it but it is easy. 1-

I- cut out three layers. one for the top of cotton and the back is coordinating flannel.  Inside is a piece of light fleece I had left over from another project.

2 I layered them and then just sewed the quilting lines on it

3-Add the binding and your done.  Make sure you put the binding on in the right order.

first I like to do the arm holes

second the neck

third the rest with the ties continuing out 11 inches.

Hooray!  It’s priceless!  Great shower gift.

  • Erin Case

    This is adorable. Good work! 🙂