Prom Dress Tricks

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adjusting the pattern

adjusting the pattern

I just finished this prom dress for a granddaughter who lives far away. She sent her measurements and I went from there. It should fit her fine. As luck would have it, she didn’t fit the box exactly. That is a rare thing is someone fits all the measurements on the pattern for one specific size. So this is what you do. (I used Simplicity 1195 for this dress).  What would you estimate to buy a dress like this?  Maybe $200.00.  It cost only $40.00 to make it!  It really does pay to sew and she will not meet anyone with a dress like hers wherever she goes.  It will fit like a glove (I hope) and it is in her favorite color and style.  The satin is sprinkled with glitter for and extra sparkle.  It does not fall off either

Here are a few tips and tricks to make everything work out beautifully.

1-You pick out on the pattern envelope the pattern size that fits the bust, then you add or subtract from the waist and other measurements. It is easy to just let a waistline out or take it in and not so easy on the bust-line.

2-Adjust your pattern first.
decide the length from the nap of the neck to the waist and take a tuck or make a slit in the pattern to make it the right length.

3-Do the same with the skirt.

4-when you cut out a pattern cut it out large enough to leave a wider than normal side seam. that way it can be adjusted to fit as she changes sizes or it gets handed down to a sister, or up to a sister.
Leave the skirt long enough to make a hem that is an inch or more so you can adjust that with growth or different shoes.

5-You can also leave a wider seam in the back. You can change a dress several sizes by adjusting the back seam
But, this dress has a zipper in it and she might not want to remove it and the side seam is easier to adjust.
I used to rent wedding dresses that I made. the tops and bottoms were separate so I could change the size from a 6 to a 16 by adjusting the back and side seams of the bodice. A surprising trick.

6-I lined the whole bodice by just using the overlay pieces for both the lace and the satin. then I basted them together as one piece before sewing them together in the dress. It makes it easy that way.

7-See the nifty sequined belt! It cost $2.00! I just bought 2 stretch headbands and cut them open and then sewed them together and then sewed on some big hooks like you use in pants. she will hook it on the side so the seam opening and seam are on the sides instead of a being in the front.

8-You could put a flower on the belt where that seam is and then it can go anywhere she wants it. On second thought, I should have bought a third headband to use for her hair! Or you could even make a bracelet.