How To Make A Tulle Skirt


How to make a tulle skirt

This tutorial will show you how to make the circular tulle  skirt that is all the rage with the girls.  How to make a circular tulle skirt.1 cut pattern from an old sheet1- cut a pattern out of an old sheet by folding the sheet into a square  and folding it again like a napkin.  You will have 4 layers then fold it one more time into a triangle like above. then you have 8 layers.

I made a 28″ long skirt for a 32″ waist.  Tulle is not wide enough to cut a whole circle so I cut halves.  to decide the size to cut the waist divide it by 4.  32 divided by 4 is 8.  so I measured down 8″ from the tip of the cone shape and drew the circular line making sure it was 8″ from the top on both sides.

Now for the length of the skirt just measure down the length.  In this case 28″ on both sides and draw another circular line for that.  then use this folded sheet as pictured above for your pattern.  It is heavy enough that you don’t need to pin it.  The waist will be big enough to gather in some fullness.

2 Now you can see the circleHere is the sheet circle folded in half.  Now because I needed to cut half circles.  I folded this pattern in half  into a cone shape as seen above. To cut out the tulle I folded  at the end over enough for the length of the skirt which was 28 plus 8 or 36″.  then I layed the quarter skirt pattern on the fold of the tulle so that when it is cut out I will have a half circle.   I cut 8 halves of tulle.  I just layed the tulle down on my carpet  and the static electricity kept it flat.  the heavy sheet pattern on top with no pins needed.  then cut the curves smoothly as you can so that there are no jags to have to trim later.  Take long cuts with the scissors.  It helped to hold the tulle up a little off the carpet with my other hand so I could be sure I got both layers since they are hard to see. 3 cut out the underskirt

this is what the satin will look like doubled.

For the satin underskirt I folded it one more time and cut it into a half circle. Now I have a half circle underskirt and I will have full circle tulle.  I chose to make 4 layers of tulle for this skirt and I bought 17 yards of tulle and 3 yards of satin.   It is not so expensive when the tulle is 1.99 and you use a 40% off coupon.

Sew up the sides of the satin skirt and then hem the bottom.  I used a rolled hem on my serger.

then set a zipper in the seam and cut a strip for the waist band that will extend an inch or more on one end .

Sew the waist band on the inside only so you can sandwich the tulle in on the front.

Sew up the side seams on the tulle.  quick and easy.  Just make sure your tension on the machine is right so it doesn’t pucker.  Then gather the tulle and sew it to the outside of the skirt



waist   April 8 003 YOu can see how it looks below.                                              April 8 017 April 8 018 April 8 019 April 8 020 IN the back you will need to cut a slit in the tulle for the zipper to open.  I then, pinned the tulle on the inside part of the zipper and top stitched it down but left the other side free to hide the zipper when it is closed.  April 8 021 April 8 022

Now just top stitch the waistband on the outside and you are finished. !!!!  Happy girl!  It is worth it!