Fast Creamy Cinnamon Rolls

Creamy Cinnamon Rolls
MMMMMM  Yummy!
You can really share the love with these. Nothing smells better
than fresh cinnamon rolls and then add an extra measure of
cinnamon and brown sugar, they are irresistible. Easy to make in
about 2 hours time. Now that is a bonus! No kneading required either!
In a small non-metal bowl, sprinkle
2 Tablespoons of yeast
over ½ cup lukewarm water. (the temperature of your wrist)
Sprinkle on top of that 1 Tablespoon of brown sugar
Let it sit until the yeast becomes frothy.
In a large non metal mixing bowl put
1 cube butter and melt it in the microwave or in a pan and then transfre
1 Tablespoon Salt
1/3 cup brown sugar
3 cups warm water
Stir until sugar and butter are fully melted.
2 beaten eggs
3 cups white flour
1 Tablespoon gluten flour
Stir well
Add yeast mixture
Stir in 3-5 cups more flour until soft but sticky dough forms.
Cover bowl with a clean cloth
Let rise until double in size.
Divide dough in half and place on an oiled surface
pat out into a To a rectangle of about 16” x 9”
spread ½ the filling on the dough
(recipe below)
at this point you may choose to add nuts or raisins or whatever you like.
roll the dough up in a long roll and slice by using a heavy thread
or dental floss slide it under the roll and bring it up around and
cross cutting the roll neatly into individual rolls. Cut in 1 ½ inch lengths.
Repeat process with other half of dough.
Place on pan with about an inch space to grow around it.
Let raise 30-45 minutes til double in size
Bake at 350 degrees from 20-30 minutes.
For creamy Cinnamon Rolls- continued
Filling recipe
1/3 cup butter melted in a separate bowl or pan
then mix in another bowl
1 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup granulated sugar
4 teaspoons cinnamon
Spread butter on the dough 
Mix , sugars, and cinnamon. Spread on sweet roll dough.
Glaze Recipe
1/3 cup butter
1 t. vanilla
1/2 t. maple flavoring
1/3 cup sour cream
1 ½ cup powdered sugar
1 Tablespoon milk
Melt butter and mix with the rest of the ingredients.
Add more powdered sugar for a thicker glaze. Put milk in last
for desired consistency. 

Spread about 1 Tblsp. of  glaze on the top of each cinnamon roll while they are still hot. 

These little boys sold 28 1/2 dozen of these rolls to earn over $700.00 to help a little friend who has cancer. What a nice project for them to do with the help of their mom of course.

 This handy timer keeps me from over baking things because it goes all over the house for me.  the other little tool is an antique nut grinder but you can still find them on the market.  I just use it to sprinkle a few nuts on the top or inside too for my nut lovers. 

  • These were so delicious! Thank your sharing your treats over the back fence. Backyard neighbors are the best!

  • I just changed the filling and glaze recipes to reduce them. I think it was too much for this size of a batch. If you have the filling too thick in your rolls then they will bake and the dough spirals separates. My first batch was perfect and the second one just a little too much filling in it. Either way, It is delicious. Best wishes on your baking. Enjoy!