Easy Way to Make a Gathered Tulle Skirt

20161013_144320Easy Way to make a gathered tulle skirt

If you want to make a gathered tulle skirt then this is the tutorial for you.

I just made several tulle skirts that are gathered at the waist.  I found a simple easy way to make them after making a couple.  the problems arise when you have to gather all those yards of tulle up to the size of the waist measurement.  These skirts were made of the 6″ strips at first but I didn’t feel that they were dense enough.  The picture is just a little skirt I made from scraps so I could show you the method.  This is a wrap around skirt that ties in the front.

What to buy

1  50 yard spool of tulle 6″ wide.  About 3 yards 2″ or 3″ wide ribbon

First of all, it takes tons of tulle to make a skirt.  For an adult long skirt I would use a 50 yard spool for one skirt.  I didn’t do this  and they weren’t full enough so I ended up ordering tulle yardage and putting a layer of it gathered under the strips. The strips give it a funky fun look and the flat yardage underneath gave it just enough thickness and cover.  the wearer is supposed to wear black skirt or pants under the black skirt so that makes the difference.

Cut the strips 1 inch longer that the finished desired skirt length.

Don’t kill yourself making this exact because they are going to fluff out and look quirky anyway!  That is the charm of it.

Sewing tulle is like sewing a cloud and gathering it all up is a pain and it is easy to have the thread bind up on you or break.

Here is what I learned.20161013_140159

Lay your strips by your machine and pick them up two at a time and layer them together.  Gather the stips on the serger or with a gathering foot.  If you don’t have one then zig zag over a piece of fishing line and pull it.  It won’t break on you!

If you use the fishing line you probably will not have to double it back on itself before sewing it to the ribbon because it will gather tight enough to fit the waist.

How to gather on the serger

This should work on most sergers-set the needle tensions (I use 2 needles) it is a 4 spool serger.  Okay, set the 2 needle tensions on 7 and the other 2 tensions on 5 and the Differential is on 2 and the width is on 4 or as wide as you can set it.

Try it on a scrap and see  how it goes.  My machine did a great job then.  Now gather the whole piece.  It will be 2 or three times wider than the waist of the skirt should be.  Here is the cool part, fold it over and double or triple it!  Now it is the width of the waist and you have all the gathering you need for a nice, fluffy skirt!


Sewing to the Waist Ribbon

Now cut a piece of wide ribbon for a waist band an inch longer than the waist so you can fold over each end.  Stitch the three  or four layers onto the ribbon with the top of the skirt up!

20161013_142948Now, cut another piece of the ribbon the waist measurement plus enough to tie a big bow.  I cut about a yard on each end longer so there would be a nice bow with ribbon hanging down.  Center that ribbon on the under ribbon and top stitch it on.  If the ribbon is satin it works best to top stitch it on the top edge or upper edge so it will not slip.  Then stitch the bottom edge that goes directly over your gathering.

Now hang the skirt up and trim any pieces that might end up a little longer than need be.

There you have a really cute, fluffy skirt for a costume or dancing or dress up for a child or adult.

This method is easy to do and someone is going to feel like a fairy princess or a witch or somebody fun!