Denim Cowboy Bib

 Denim Just Says Cowboy

 I love this cute cowboy fabric that I put on the top of this baby boy bib so I embroidered the word “Cowboy” on the denim part to set it all off.  Note the decorative stitch along the edge of the top fabric that also gives it a special look.

You can make so many things from an old pair of jeans.  I have a blast with them. Cut up the outside french seam and open up the leg to cut the bib.

 It will look like this

 Now take your pattern or another bib, I like to use that because it lays so nicely on the fabric. Fold it in half because when you are cutting something out that is the same on both sides then it is better to fold it and cut it together mirrored.

 then I just used the bib as a pattern for the top and top stitched it on after pinning it.
Happy Bib Making!