Chicken Enchilada soup

I love finding ways to use my food storage, (rotating it is really a challenge for me, so I decided to make a series for using food from our food storage) Wouldn’t this even make a cool gift, wrap it up in a giftbag and there is dinner for someone who had a baby, or a wedding gift or any holiday really.

I used One can of each of the folowing
Black beans-drained
refired beans
whole kernal corn-drained
stewed tomatoes and 
packet of enchilada seasoning.
Add – 3 boulion and 1/4 cup dehydrated onion flakes

I like to throw it in the crock pot for an evening when I will be out,  because this is something that I know all my kids will love.

YAY for winter and soup season,  What is your favorite soup?