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How to shorten a lace wedding dress the easy way




Here is the secret.  A simple way to shorten a lace wedding dress.

The dress above was drooping on the floor 1 1/2 inches.  The lace is delicate and very difficult to unpick.

Shortening a lace wedding dress can be a daunting task but there is a simple way to do it.  20160829_100924These instructions are for a lace dress with a train.  The lace is along the bottom and looks like it is a part of the fabric but if you look closely you will see that it has been sewn on.   Unpicking all those tiny stitches on delicate lace is not a good idea.  You run the probability of damaging the lace and leaving holes in it.


20160829_100934Here is a simple way to change that hem.  Just carefully cut above the lace on the front of the dress if has a train.  The train does not need to be shortened. Just the front so insert your scissors above the lace and trim it off.  so it just droops down.  Co not cut the lace entirely off of the skirt in a piece.  Just cut where you see those dotted lines.



You can see in this drawing that the part you cut is just going to droop down.  Now…Ta DA!  Just raise the center of the lace up to the desired length.   Then carefully pin it.  If regular straight pins will not stay in then use safety pins until you get it right.  On each side of the lace section there may be a tiny pleat in the lace to accommodate for raising it above but it will not be noticeable.  Now top stitch it on with a medium stitch.  A fine polyester thread works great.  You may use invisible thread but it usually isn’t necessary.



In this drawing you will see the peaks hanging down from the cutting line.  Just carefully trim them off so they do not hang beneath the lace edge.


Now you will have 2 or three underskirts to hem.  they also only need to be shortened in the front You will want to trim the Satin underskirt to match what you did with the lace. for the underskirts I like to just turn them up and leave the extra fabric in there to make the bottom of the slips firmer and stand our  more.  That would depend on the wishes of the bride.


Scripture Study- Do What is Right

1 Nephi 1:19 —Do What Is Right


Lehi was mocked by the Jews because he told them they were wicked and testified of their coming destruction of the coming of the Savior, a Messiah and the redemption of the world.


People don’t like to be chastised especially if they need it. They were proud and deliberately wicked.


  • Mock-2 Chr36:16 They mocked the messengers of God…and misused them

  • 1 Ne. 7:14 They cast Jeremiah in prison and sought to kill Lehi.

  • Coming of Messiah- Isa 40:3 Prepare ye the way of the Lord.

  • Redeemer shall come to Zion and unto them that turneth from transgression.

  • They had slain the Messiah. He should rise from the dead 1 Ne 10:11

Lehi is a “type” of Christ. He preached repentance and the Jews soght his life. He had to flee his home in Jerusalem just as Christ did with his parents when he was young and they were warned to flee to Egypt.


Jesus was persecuted and killed as were many prophets in Jerusalem.


In our lives we may face persecutions as members of the LDS Church or other religions. As missionaries or as Christians. There is a lot of public opinion against our beliefs. Satan opposes righteousness in every way he can.

Lehi did not back down on his prophecies and principals. He did have to sacrifice his beautiful home and all his earthly possessions except some camels and camping gear andleave with his family.

How brave are we? How dedicated are we?

Doing what is right is not always easy but it is vital in our eternal destination.

Conference 10/14

Which Way Do You Face?

Never cower at the feet of intimidation…help us always remembe which is the first and great commandment . Matt. 22:38


237 Do What Is Right

239 Choose The Right

Shirt & Tie Wrap


Shirt & Tie Wrap DIY

Shirt and tie wrap! This just might be the most admired package under your tree.

First I found an old shirt My husband no longer wanted or else I bought it at the thrift store.

Found an old die also to use.

December things 003

Next put the box with the present in side it.  inside of the shirt and then trim away the extra fabric so you can size up the box and shirt together.  Just make sure you leave enough room for seams.  then take it off of the box and sew up the ends and the sides of the box.

Then put the present inside by opening it in the front with the buttons.  Of course, that is simple.  then you can use your needle and thread to take up any extra and see how the sew a piece on the corners up so that the shirt takes on a box shape.  You can get the idea from a folded  paper sack.  You might even just wrap the package with paper and not tape it.  Put creases where needed and follow that as your pattern.  Wish I had thought of that while I was doing it.  🙂


December things 004

Now do some stitching to make it fit snugly and there you have it.  a box that looks like a shirt.  It can be a dead giveaway for what is inside or you can put a complete surprise inside.  Either way, it is a bunch of fun.

December things 008


Finally add the tie to it as you see above.  I also used a tie pin without the back on it.  I just stuck it through the tie and the box and it stayed in place.

Happy wrapping.

Baby Boy Bib With Tie re-pursed jeans


Denim and Ties Are So Great Together

I wanted to make some baby boy bibs for a friend’s new baby.  Denim is always so much fun to sew with, especially if it is from an old pair of jeans and you can re-purpose them.

First I cut out a tie shape and appliqued it on using fusible pelon under it.  I then cut  out a collar shape and stitched it in with a satin stitch.

Next I cut out a pocket using the seam of the pant leg as the top.  then I stitched the lining to it wrong sides together leaving an opening and then turning it .

I top stitched around it to give the whole edge a crisp look that would last through the washing’s.  This bib quickly became the favorite bib of my friend’s bibs.

I closed it with snaps sewn snugly on.



My Dog Dish Dilema

I have a major problem in the kitchen right now.  This picture doesn’t even begin to describe the mess my puppy girl makes when she is hungry.spilling dog bowl


Its cold around here and I litterally have minutes before she is a house dog….  You probably all know how hyper a puppy can be.  This girl only has one speed.  I would call that FULL SPEED, PUPPY ON CRACK, or something of the sort.   It takes nothing to get her going and she steps onto the hard floor and cant stop when she gets to a corner or her dish.  She slides into the cupboards, her food, or the garbage can like a major league baseball star sliding into home to win the game.  Its hilarious…. but, maybe not 10 times a day.  I warned my hubby, that we really had to fix this problem. (I’m serious, this is the only picture I got of her that wasn’t a blur, do you see those crazy eyes? I’m holding a dog treat above my camera and she sat for 1 second.)clumsy wiemaraner puppyspill proof dog bowl
To make your own, measure the width of you bowl, (not the lip of the bowl) this will be the length of the short 2×4’s for the long 2×4 the width of the bowl plus 3 2×4’s.  (8+1 3/4(3)

Good luck now if she would keep from splashing when she drinks.  hmmmm.

How to get a great color combination for cards and other hints.

Use of the Color Wheel, Water Color Pens, Blender pen and link to US postage information are all included
in this post. 

I love this color combination.  I found it on my color wheel. I choose them from the complimentary color straight across from each other.  You could also choose a Triad or a tetrad.  I keep this color wheel tacked above my work area.  It always helps when I am stumped.  

I needed a flat card for mailing so I wanted to just watercolor a stamp with my watercolor pencils and use a blending pen to blend the colors on the stamp.  I was able to layer the stamped picture but did not use any foam tape or ribbon or anything with depth to make it hard to mail.  This one is going abroad.
In the US you can mail anything with a bow or other dimension or something rigid in it up to 1/4″thick for an extra 20 cents and you can even buy an attractive $.70 stamp.  I just bought a sheet to make it simpler.
There is also an international stamp you can buy for over seas letters and cards. Here is a link for figuring US postage

J Crew inspired refashion

 Here is a shirt I refashioned from one of my husbands shirts,  he didn’t mind…. I mean, I like pink shirts on a guy,  but it just isn’t his personality.

Follow this link to my other blog to see the process.

Make an Old shirt new again

I was sad to see this shirt getting too small for my little guy. Its one of my very favorites and it was still in excellent shape.  Until, I found t-shirts at the dollar store, and then I knew exactly what I was going to do. 

So I cut out the front of the shirt and stitched it onto the bigger one.

A new shirt for $1 now he can wear it for another season.