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Kid’s Valentine Party

Kids Valentine Party (2)

A kids valentine party is so much fun for everyone involved. Years ago I developed a “grama School”. It took three little granddaughters twice a week for two hours and had a little pre-school my style. We sung songs, worked on the alphabet and had scripture videos and coloring and did crafts and make treats, We took some “field trips too” We just did the fun things that a mom might also do with her children. Sometimes the brothers got to come when they were out of school. This tradition went on for years with different children. We all loved it. Those times remain brightly in our memories because I scrapbooked every day. It was quick and easy scrapbooking but the book was copied for each of the girls and the books are priceless. I will share some ideas from these books in the future. Today we will be getting ready for Valentine’s day. This was our focus for three different days.


valentines 009

the first thing we did was to make valentines for their Daddys.  I just found pictures on the internet for them to color and then mounted them on red cardstock.  They were so happy with them.

valentines 010

then we danced and had valentine cupcakes.  Children love to dance and eat 🙂

valentines 012

Next we made hats from paper plates.  I just punched holes in the top.  ONe on each side to thread a piece of stretch trim to tie under their chins.  It was a bit scratchy so I would recommend something softer.  A plain ribbon would work.  The ribbon at the top of the page is the same that we used for the bow on the hats.

valentines 013

on Valentine’s Day, we had treats and they received little teddy bears and candy jewelry and wore their hats.  As you might notice, one little girl is missing because she was very sick that day.  She still got her gifts and loved her hat and all the preparations. the base of this picture is actually one of the napkins from the party.the bear on this page was cut from a  paper plate like we used for the hats. There you have it!  A terrific fun way to celebrate Valentine’s day with kids.  Boys can make hats too.  You could use half a hat and curve the inside to fit on him like the brim of a cap.

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!! DON’T FORGET TO SCRAPBOOK IT!  If I had not done that there would not be as strong of ties and memories with the children.


Scrapbook Challenge with Layouts

It has been fun to get back into that scrap-booking mode.  I love to work from a sketch.  the challenge is to make four pages using these layouts.  I am posting my examples too.  It would be fun to see your results.  Whether you are digital or dimensional scrap-booking you are preserving some very special memories.  
Here are four layouts that I used. followed by pictures of my pages.  You can do better:).  Most importantly get those pictures preserved in a book where they can be viewed with Titles and journaling. 

A fast easy tip to scrapbooking is to buy a pad of paper that matches your theme.  I used a Colorbok pad that I bought at Walmart.  It came with a few pages of cute embellishments to go with them too.  They were fun to use.  I have also used matching paper kits from scrapbooking companies and they are awesome.

One of the next things on my “bucket” list is to go through all of my stash and match them into “kits” of my own.  It will simplify the process when I am matching papers for a project. I love paper!

Scrapbook Challenge Layouts

Here is a challenge to get you going on those pictures you want to scrapbook.  Using each of these samples follow the same layout of design and see how much fun you can have dressing your pictures up with what you have on hand (if you have a stash).  I love to start with a layout sketch with the right number of pictures I want to put on a page and go from there.  Happy Scrap-booking whether it be digital or dimensional.  Enjoy and make something that will be a treasure to your family forever. 
Another challenge is to journal by hand.  I would love to have more things with my grandmother’s handwriting wouldn’t you?  Well. Maybe you would prefer the writing to be in your grandmother’s but yours you know what I mean. 🙂

Remember to take your camera with you every chance you get so you can document your memories.

Our Story, a book for your Valentine

He will love to go through the memories from your life if you scrapbook some pictures of the two of you through the years or months whichever it may be.  I just used an empty 9″x 9″ album I have had a long time. 

I browsed through some of those old photo boxes and pictures on the computer and found a big handful of pictures to use in this book.  He is going to love it.  It is just a short reminder of a great life, well lived together. This book cost me nothing out of my pocket because I used supplies that I had on hand.  I kept it simple and consistent in design with beige paper and black to mat the pictures.  I also used little silver heart brads for embellishments.  
Simple is best for guys and he won’t appreciate a page that took me an hour any more than these 3 to 5  minute pages.  The journaling is important.  The more you can write, the better. Put dates where you can.  Write it by hand and it will be a far greater treasure for years to come.  Don’t worry about your handwriting that is what makes you an individual.  Go for it! It also saves time.  I just make sure I pencil lines to follow since I will write it crooked if I don’t. 
If I did not have things on hand then I would have used a digital book.  They are on special now at several places but my favorite digital books are from Smilebox.  I love that place and keep a membership so I can print at home or the store or order it.  They are attractively designed and so easy to do.

Christmas Past Album

One year I took the daunting task of gathering all the old Christmas pictures and putting them in one album.  I had trouble figuring out what year they were until I pulled out my old journals and read the descriptions.  then I copied and shrunk some of the Christmas entries and put them on the page with the old pictures.  It turned out to be the best journaling I have ever done!  If the house were on fire.  I would grab that book!

This is a file folder. these old picture from the 70’s are fading.  The best way to preserve them is to copy them in black and white and edit them and print them again.  Then they will not fade.

Flip the card over for some more old journaling from the past.