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Christmas Past Album

One year I took the daunting task of gathering all the old Christmas pictures and putting them in one album.  I had trouble figuring out what year they were until I pulled out my old journals and read the descriptions.  then I copied and shrunk some of the Christmas entries and put them on the page with the old pictures.  It turned out to be the best journaling I have ever done!  If the house were on fire.  I would grab that book!

This is a file folder. these old picture from the 70’s are fading.  The best way to preserve them is to copy them in black and white and edit them and print them again.  Then they will not fade.

Flip the card over for some more old journaling from the past.

Saving your memory! …. Memories :)

 Use your labler to add titles to your pages.

 Here is another cute way to do a file folder.  It opens with more pictures.

 Ribbons and bows.  Nothing like pictures to tell the story though.

 Decorate with a nice gift tag and a bow

 Get some trim from a nice Christmas card or two.

Summarize it with a Happy New Year!  And there you have an adorable book with tons of memories and tiny pictures.  I store this book with the Christmas decorations so that I am sure to put it out with all the decorations for all the family to go through it and smile at the memories, the 70’s hair and the 60’s clothes and the later generation with real reindeer!  Memories like this bind families together  and help people know who they really are.  A part of your family.

Interactive pages are so much fun!

 this first page on this post is the only one that is not interactive of the pages you see here.  It does have a dangling tag though.

 the tiny tags fit back inside the tag.  You can print out small pictures without using too much ink.

 I was able to fit  4 pictures on this page. There is another one you don’t see under this one.

Clever idea to make this one look like a file folder.  I got the information out of my journals which were really handy to remind me of these things.

Christmas Scrapbook

January is one of my favorite months because the pressure of Christmas is over and I can scrapbook and sew and craft anew.  Not so much pressure.
First on my list is to Scrapbook Christmas!
I will who you a darling book that I did a few years ago in a class.  Clever layouts were fun.  We made the layouts first then went home and found the pictures we wanted to put in it.  I think it is easier that way.
the cover is just two brown paper lunch sacks.  I filled the book with copies of some very old pictures of Christmases of the Past and I love it.  I will show you some bigger Christmas books later but for now just hold on to your hat and get ready for 21 really cute little layouts and excuse the funny looking people you see inside from the past.  Mostly the 70’s and 80’s.  You may get a laugh out of some of our hairdos and clothes but we were as stylish as anybody.  My how times change and that is why scrapbooks are so special.

 I love this cover.  I think I will do something very similar for this Christmas.  You can pick up cute tags and things on the post Christmas sales at a great savings too.

 The tag pulls out to reveal pictures and information on both sides.

 the lift up cover is another cute way to add more pictures.  Notice the tiny clothes pin on it.

so here you have the first four pages.  More soon.