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Free Holiday printables or gift tags for Christmas

I created these these cute little printable gift tags with PicMonkey.  I inteded to so many more, but Christmas is seriously sneaking up on me. How about you? I blame this super unusually warm weather. I have been making these little printable gift tags for the Holiday to print whenever I need them, and wanted to post them for anyone to use. I ran out of time to take pics of gifts and post them as well. But, its the thought that counts right?

If right click and copy doesnt’ work, just email me and I will get it right to you.

Soapin dough survival kit TIdings

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Gentle Lotion for Severe dry, chapped, and cracked skin.

 As it gets colder I am reminded how horrible my skin and my son’s skin gets in this weather.  My son’s knuckles used to crack and bleed and be so painful it would keep him up at night.  I tried all the expensive stuff and even putting Vaseline on them and wrapping them ( he didn’t really cooperate with the Vaseline method).
          About 5 years ago my friend Jessica’s mother showed me how to make the most amazing, gentle, healing lotion.  Wow, Let me say that  I washed my hands this morning they were burning until I remembered I had this stuff stashed away since the last episode of dry skin.  Ahhh, instant relief.

This makes a pretty large batch, I filled pill bottles for my kids backpacks and baby food jars to give as gifts.  When I would hear someone tell me they had the same problem I would grab a little jar and change their life forever.  (haha, no really)
1 Container of Vaseline, approx. 10 oz.
large bottle of baby lotion
vitamin e cream ( the same amount as you have baby lotion )
questions I’ve been asked–
Does it have to be baby lotion?  Well if the skin is cracking you definatly want the most gentle you can find?
Won’t the Vaseline make it greasy?  It doesn’t feel greasy to my.  you can start with half a jar and increase it if you want.  But as dry as we get in the winter, our skin drinks it all up.
Good luck,  let me know if you have any other
dry skin remedies.
Thanks Becky