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Cute Elephant Quilt DIY-

This fun elephant theme quilt was lots of fun to make. The elephant theme is so cute to dress up any nursery and the colors will work for a boy or a girl.  It was a fun experience to make this one. The pattern is simple.

Cutting Squares

It is made of 10″ squares and sew down to about 9″ squares finished.


I drew the picture below of the elephant.  I have scanned it for you.  You should be able to print it .  Trace the pattern onto Pellon Wonder Under or similar bonding fabric. and then iron it on the fabric and cut it out after you have the pellon on it.     Follow the instructions that come with your iron on  fabric. Also trace  the ears and do the same.  I made the eyes by choosing the eyelet stitch on my machine.  You could hand embroider it or use a permanent marker.   

after sewing the finished squares together,  sandwich it with the batt.  I used cotton batting , and the back.  This quilt it backed with a dark gray minky that reminds me of soft elephants if there is such a creature.



I quilted this on my machine.  It is done with the free motion method.  this method requires a lot of practice so if you haven’t done it before look it up on You Tube or take a class and do a lot of practicing first.  It is fun to do but give it some time.  I would not recommend quilting this method with minky on the back as it is too hard to see the back and check to make sure you have done it right.  Next time, I will use a cotton fabric on the back but babies love minky so it is a good thing if you are an expert at machine free motion quilting.

You could also choose to do it by hand or have someone do it on a free arm quilting machine.

This quilt will look great in my great grandson’s crib.  Or on a nursery wall.

Pajamas- Six Ideas

Pajamas for Kids are the perfect Christmas Present.  We like to let our children open these special gifts on Christmas Eve so they will have new Pajamas to wear on that special night.   Here are a few pair I made for grandchildrenphone-dec-15-551

These Pajamas are perfect for the girl who loves owls.

phone-dec-15-553this Pair matches the quilt she received and is her favorite design.  I used an easy button front pattern.


the little boy who got these loves monsters and these monsters glow in the dark.  If you have a child afraid of the dark this kind of fabric might help them.  this boy is not afraid of the dark but he loves the fact that the monsters glow when the lights are out.


Do you have a sports enthusiast?  this boy love any sport that has a ball so he was really excited to receive these Pajamas

phone-feb-18-160these Pajamas have a different pattern than the button front.  They are for an older child and have a yoke top to slip their head through.  No buttons to bother with here.  They also match her quilt.

phone-dec-15-555These Pajamas are for a teenager with the yoke top and made from the same fabric as her quilt.  Yes, last year I made quilts for these children and the PJs they got for Christmas matched the quilts they received on their birthday’s that year.

Special gifts like these always bring smiles and comfort especially in times of turmoil.

I don’t just sew.  I sew to  mend hearts.  Do you?

phone-feb-18-156This kid loves Minecraft and sent me a picture of his favorite Mooze.  I printed it out as an iron on and put it on a knit top that I made and made special knit pajama bottoms for him.  It brought huge smiles.

I might add that I wouldn’t do this type of an iron on again of pajamas because it was too  rubbery.  It would be good on a T Shirt though.  this top turned out to be too short so I had to make another.  He still loved it though.



Sew For Those in Need

20160726_204640 20160706_081108

20160706_080813 (1) 20160726_205101 - Copy 20160726_205143 - Copy

Sew for those in need. 


I did not organize a group but I am happy to be a part of a couple of them.  People donate materials.  Someone else cut all of these nightgowns out and I just sewed them up!  what a pleasure it is to feel that your sewing is blessing children in need.  These nightgowns go to a local women’s and children’s shelter and to hospitals.  They are made from basic patterns that may change from time to time and from any materials that are given to us that will work for this purpose.  Generous people have donated a huge supply of attractive knits that we can use to make these.

Other women cut quilt pieces, piece quilts, sew them together  and tie them and bind them.  Some women paint wooden toys that are just delightful.  All of these things go to charities in our area.

You can start your own or join a group that does the same. You can even make a few calls to places nearby and ask them what they need.  this group has also made adult bibs and book bags.  Any group you can join like a quilt group or a church group can help you share your sewing talents.

Places you might call are Women’s shelters, hospitals, fire department, police department, Cancer treatment centers, Refugee groups and churches.  You can also find organized groups online who send dresses to Africa and other places.  Look around you and across the street.  You will find needs close to you.

You can make a difference one stitch at a time. Happy sewing. It seems like the more you sew the more you have to share.

Quilted BIb

I love this quilted bib. You can make it from scraps or other coordinating fabrics you have on hand.Quilted Bib


You just need four coordinating fabrics cut 5 1/2 x 9 1/2 inches.  then sew them together as you see below and cut a piece of thin batting to fit it.

mm 001

then stretch them smooth and pin the edges.  You can then stitich around the ecges with a basting stitch so you don’t get poked with the pins as I did

mm 002mm 003

You see the sandwich here but unless you want it very thick, you might want to just quilt it with the top and batting and not put anything on the back.

mm 004  A piece this small does not realy need a hoop to quilt it.  just hold it taught with your hands. Do a random design sort of like a puzzle or a design of your choosing.  to cut the bib, fold it in half and My bib is 13″ tall and 10″ wide at the bottom before sewing on the back.  the neck hole is cut 3 1/4 ” across at the widest point.  It will be larger after you sew the back on.

kk 002I like to sew on big snaps for the closure.  You can  also sandwich a ribbon on each end for a tie closure .


Kid’s Valentine Party

Kids Valentine Party (2)

A kids valentine party is so much fun for everyone involved. Years ago I developed a “grama School”. It took three little granddaughters twice a week for two hours and had a little pre-school my style. We sung songs, worked on the alphabet and had scripture videos and coloring and did crafts and make treats, We took some “field trips too” We just did the fun things that a mom might also do with her children. Sometimes the brothers got to come when they were out of school. This tradition went on for years with different children. We all loved it. Those times remain brightly in our memories because I scrapbooked every day. It was quick and easy scrapbooking but the book was copied for each of the girls and the books are priceless. I will share some ideas from these books in the future. Today we will be getting ready for Valentine’s day. This was our focus for three different days.


valentines 009

the first thing we did was to make valentines for their Daddys.  I just found pictures on the internet for them to color and then mounted them on red cardstock.  They were so happy with them.

valentines 010

then we danced and had valentine cupcakes.  Children love to dance and eat 🙂

valentines 012

Next we made hats from paper plates.  I just punched holes in the top.  ONe on each side to thread a piece of stretch trim to tie under their chins.  It was a bit scratchy so I would recommend something softer.  A plain ribbon would work.  The ribbon at the top of the page is the same that we used for the bow on the hats.

valentines 013

on Valentine’s Day, we had treats and they received little teddy bears and candy jewelry and wore their hats.  As you might notice, one little girl is missing because she was very sick that day.  She still got her gifts and loved her hat and all the preparations. the base of this picture is actually one of the napkins from the party.the bear on this page was cut from a  paper plate like we used for the hats. There you have it!  A terrific fun way to celebrate Valentine’s day with kids.  Boys can make hats too.  You could use half a hat and curve the inside to fit on him like the brim of a cap.

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!! DON’T FORGET TO SCRAPBOOK IT!  If I had not done that there would not be as strong of ties and memories with the children.


Thanksgiving Turkey Craft for Kids to Make from a box, Albuquerque Turkey

Kids Love this life-sized lovable turkey!

A friend of mine who is a preschool teacher gave me this idea and the pattern to Albuquerque Turkey for me to make with my grandkids in our “Grama School”

1-Take a big box and cover it with brown paper

2 draw a turkey head and have them color it or just cut the shape out of colored cardstock

3- draw and cut out a black hat out of black cardstock

4- make the wings

5- glue them together

6-reinforce behind the hat so it will stand up straight. You may use a piece of poster paper or a flat ruler you have around.

7- glue the head and hat and body on the box

8-Cut strips of brown paper bag for the legs

9- Cut out shoes and glue to legs and glue legs to the box.

Now you have a Thanksgiving friend. Teach the kids the song

It goes like this to the tune of Clementine

Albuquerque is a Turkey

And he’s feathered and he’s fine

And he wobbles and he gobbles

And he’s absolutely mine.

He’s the best pet that you can get.

Better than a dog or cat.

He’s my Albuquerque turkey

And I’m awfully proud of that.


Denim Cowboy Bib

 Denim Just Says Cowboy

 I love this cute cowboy fabric that I put on the top of this baby boy bib so I embroidered the word “Cowboy” on the denim part to set it all off.  Note the decorative stitch along the edge of the top fabric that also gives it a special look.

You can make so many things from an old pair of jeans.  I have a blast with them. Cut up the outside french seam and open up the leg to cut the bib.

 It will look like this

 Now take your pattern or another bib, I like to use that because it lays so nicely on the fabric. Fold it in half because when you are cutting something out that is the same on both sides then it is better to fold it and cut it together mirrored.

 then I just used the bib as a pattern for the top and top stitched it on after pinning it.
Happy Bib Making!

Treasure Hunt for the kids, with printables.

Here is a little Treasure hunt I put together for my kids. I was heading off for a girls weekend and it was my third time away from home over night in the last month. I knew they would be having a great time with dad, but I still wanted them to know I miss them when I’m away.

 I’ve included the tags I made for you to use to your liking. I made them with the intention of “going easy on the ink cartridges” lol. I am sure there are much cuter ones out there.

Along with each treat was a hint at where the next one could be found.

I hope you enjoy using these.