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Give a child an Apron and Mixes

Great gift idea! A Child Apron

Give a Child’s Apron and mixes.

Children love to make cookies and cake.  Wearing their own apron and having their own mixes to make treats for themselves is a very special treat for them.

Knowing that my grandchildren love to do this with  me, I decided to make a boy and girl apron for a brother and sister whose birthdays are close to each other.  It was simple and inexpensive but each child received an apron and a few mixes.  Cake, cookies, and brownies.

Next time, I think I might have added a spoon or spatula in the bow on the package.  .  You can use a paper grocery bag for your gift bag.

This little guy was apparently thrilled and proud to get to make his own cookies. I will include the pattern instructions for this simple little butcher child apron.

Cut a rectangle 8 1/2 by 30  then mark on the outer edge at 15 inches on the side and 6 inches on the top and just cut the curve as shown.  If you do it that way then your pattern will be nice and square.

this is for a size 8 apron.  for each size smaller just make it 1/2 inch shorter per size.

the ties for the waist are 3 inches wide and about 17  inches long.

fold the strip in half and sew the sides and turn.  then tuck in one end and stitch it shut.

Make the ties for the neck the same way.  only the one 17 inch strip will be cut in half and sewed to each side of the bib.  I make ties for the neck to make it more adjustable.  children grow so fast that we may as well make it adjustable.

 I had this darling cup cake fabric and it was the inspiration to this idea.

the pattern is a simple 22 inch square turned to make a diamond shape. This makes a size 10 girls apron.  You can trim the bottom with a strip about 2 1/2 inches wide and cut 25 inches long each. make a pocket for the apron double and with a point on one end like a long envelope.  I added a button there to keep the flap down and for decoration.  Place the ties on the top of the apron and baste in place.   Line the back with matching fabric sew together and turn leaving a section open so you can turn it. Turn down the top .  then make a neck strap that is 2″ by 17 inches.  Stitch them on the back.  I leave a couple of inches extra on the bottom so it can be lengthened as she grows. this is a simple method I will use next time I make one.

I used a pattern and a little different method of construction with the strips.  The pattern I used is “Kids Four Corners Apron! P137 It is from Vanilla House Designs.

This makes a great child apron for a boy or a girl.


Chalkboard Holiday Blocks, very simple and interchangeable

I  painted these wooden holiday blocks (cut from a 2×6) in a tan neutral color, before using the chalkboard paint on them so they would match my house, but be versatile and interchangeable blocks for all the holidays.


chalkboard block letters490


only 4 wooden letter blocks plus a base 2×4 and here is a list of the sayings I have come up with to use here.






Give – thanks


HOME – welcome


Xo  Xo  Xo

Ho Ho Ho


So many fun things to do with them, I hope you make some of your own, or I can custom make them for you if you contact me.

Have a Great Day!!

My Dog Dish Dilema

I have a major problem in the kitchen right now.  This picture doesn’t even begin to describe the mess my puppy girl makes when she is hungry.spilling dog bowl


Its cold around here and I litterally have minutes before she is a house dog….  You probably all know how hyper a puppy can be.  This girl only has one speed.  I would call that FULL SPEED, PUPPY ON CRACK, or something of the sort.   It takes nothing to get her going and she steps onto the hard floor and cant stop when she gets to a corner or her dish.  She slides into the cupboards, her food, or the garbage can like a major league baseball star sliding into home to win the game.  Its hilarious…. but, maybe not 10 times a day.  I warned my hubby, that we really had to fix this problem. (I’m serious, this is the only picture I got of her that wasn’t a blur, do you see those crazy eyes? I’m holding a dog treat above my camera and she sat for 1 second.)clumsy wiemaraner puppyspill proof dog bowl
To make your own, measure the width of you bowl, (not the lip of the bowl) this will be the length of the short 2×4’s for the long 2×4 the width of the bowl plus 3 2×4’s.  (8+1 3/4(3)

Good luck now if she would keep from splashing when she drinks.  hmmmm.

Treasure Hunt for the kids, with printables.

Here is a little Treasure hunt I put together for my kids. I was heading off for a girls weekend and it was my third time away from home over night in the last month. I knew they would be having a great time with dad, but I still wanted them to know I miss them when I’m away.

 I’ve included the tags I made for you to use to your liking. I made them with the intention of “going easy on the ink cartridges” lol. I am sure there are much cuter ones out there.

Along with each treat was a hint at where the next one could be found.

I hope you enjoy using these.

50 Ways To Say I Love You forValentine’s Day or any and every day.

50 ways to say I LOVE YOU
 50 ways to bridge the gap in your marriage.
First of all, a word to the wise. Be Sincere. These suggestions are totally unselfish and meant to stir his heart. Great ideas that can be used once or twice a week and bring a special spirit into your marriage. I used to teach marriage classes to many women and created this list especially for wives who are sincere about strengthening their marriages. Men are typical reactors so note what you did and if he does react with something good make a note of it too. It will be a great journey.
1-Always remember to pray for your marriage. It works!
2-Do not underestimate romantic love to him, it says “I really love you!” Without it, you say “I am not sincere”.
3-Give him some masculine nick names and adjectives that are dear to you. (examples might be “handsome, tiger, muscles, wise, smart,leader, clever, strong etc.”)
4-Tell him he is handsome a lot. Use that word as often as you like.
5-Give him a nice bottle of cologne and put a note on it that says something like “This cologne captures my heart only if you are wearing it”.
6-Make a notebook of his accomplishments. Put photos or magazine pictures in it. Title it “The building of a hero”
7-Give him a bottle of capsules with a little note in each one. One a day for a month while he is away.
8-Slip a note in his sock. “Here is a foot note for you”.
9-Bake his favorite pie with a note “You are my pie in the sky”.
10-Give him a Big Hunk candy bar (Note-for my Big Hunk).
11-Give him a Million dollar Candy Bar “I wouldn’t trade you for a million dollars.
12-Give him a Mr. Goodbar and say “They named this bar after you”.
13-Put a note in his glove “you are the best man around “hands down.”
14- Give him a pair of work gloves and a note.
15- Give him a hat or put a note on his favorite hat that says “Hats off to the most handsome guy I know.
16-Note on some salt and pepper shakers. We go together like salt and pepper.
17-On a U_No bar U-No I’m glad you are you!
18- On a can of pears or a ripe pear. What a pear we are”.
19-Heart candy-”Heart and Soul, I love you!”
20-On a comb, “You’re so fine!”
21- Follow him as he works in the yard and express specific thanks and admiration for the things he does in it to make it nicer.
22-Take time to go with him on an errand and remember to build him up. (no criticism)
23-Note on a flashlight “You light up my life”.
24- Iron all his shirts and tell him that you enjoyed doing that for him (you did, didn’t you?)
25-Have the paper (if he likes to read it) a snack and a big kiss ready for him when he gets home. Give him a royal greeting. Make this one a daily occurrence, get the children in on it too.)
26-A Pen with a note “for the top executive in our house”
27- Make a four leaf clover cookie and a note that says “I am so lucky to have you”.
28- Put a couple of Hershey’s Chocolate kisses in his shoe with a note that says “Here is a kiss for your feet!”
29- Make a big candy kiss our of rice crispy treat. Wrap in foil with a note out of the top saying “a big kiss for my guy”.
30-Buy a tape or CD of his favorite music for him. “a note for you”
31-Have his favorite music playing when he comes home.
32- Take a picnic in your own yard and enjoy the work he has done in it.
33-Put a clever balloon bouquet in his car.
34- Dedicate a special song to him on the radio.
35- Make a book entitled “I am so glad we are a Pair” put pears on the front and find pictures of lots of things that come in pairs and make up your own sayings .
36-Make and “I Like You” book with magazine pictures and cartoons that say “I like you because”
37-Write the story of your courtship.
38-Write the story of your courtship in a novel form.
39- Make a special photo album or scrapbook of the two of you from courtship till now.
40-Have a nice photo portrait of yourself done for him.
41-Make a wall grouping in your bedroom with your marriage license and your wedding picture and a recent picture.
42- Have a portrait taken of the two of you.
43- Plan an anniversary dinner or party.
44- Invite friends over for dinner and games or refreshments and games. Tell something nice about him at this party.
45-Give him a surprise party for his birthday and ask friends to bring a gag gift. Not to make fun of him but to have a good time together.
46- Collect some good jokes and tell one a day to him.
47- Have breakfast outside for him on a nice day as often as you can.
48- Crown him “king for a Day” Have a special evening with the family to do this.
49- Have a special “This Is Your Life” program for him. Make it fun.
50-Do up a genealogy pedigree chart for him.
Watch for 50 More ways to say I love you …Coming soon.


(continued) See the first 50 ways…-and-every-day/
51-Can of nuts, “I’m Nuts over You”.
52-Put a love note on his pillow “Sweet Dreams”!
53- List his accomplishments in an official looking award and give it to him in a special family gathering.
54-Give him “Hugs” candy. Put it in his lunch or pocket so he gets it when he is away and say “I wish I could be there in person to give you a hug” PS remember to be the same person when he returns home. 🙂
55-Give Smarties “Cause you are so Smart!”
56- Polish all of his shoes and line them up in the closet with a note saying “You always put your best foot forward”
57-Say “You are so wise” and give him a wrapped up wizard air freshener for his car or office.

58- This would be a great Valentine’s Day activity -Treasure hunt with candy bars- U-No I love you. LOOK under your chair__HOLY COW you are doing good! Now find a HUG under your __________(pillow) Look for a TOOTSIE (in his shoe) Now where is the Butterfinger (in his glove). Where is your SWEET TART (you) when he finds you, you have a bag of SWEET TARTS and a bag of KISSES and some real ones of course.

59- Write a letter of appreciation.
60- write a poem to him.
61- Dedicate a poem another has written.
62- Write a rhyme using the letters in his name. Example J is for Jolly which you always are, O is for one and only, you are my star. His is for honest, etc.
63-Frame a special certificate he has received.
64- Collect and assemble the pictures of his family tree. Frame it too if you like.
65- Learn to enjoy watching his favorite sport or TV show and serve him a treat.
66- While he is away surprise him by sprucing up the bedroom and rearranging it.
67 Give his car or truck a special cleaning and put his favorite air freshener in it.
68-Leave a Thank you note on his desk or somewhere he will find it when he does something nice.
69-Give him golf balls or some of his favorite sports equipment.
70-Give him a box of Wheaties with a note that says “For My Champion” Put his picture on it too.!
71- Make a long list of things he has done for you on a strip of adding machine paper or another long strip and use different colors of pens or markers and put a big Thank You at the end!
72-Make a coupon book for back rubs, shoe polish, favorite dessert, favorite main dish, emergency ironing , car was etc.
73-If he is a Dad make a Father of the Year award with pictures of him with his children or grandchildren.
74- Decorate his office
75-Make a pill bottle with candy inside labeled “For Handsome Husband, taken one a day this pill will make your day cheerier, 2 a day will increase your sense of humor. 3 a day will turn you into a lion, 4 a day , a teddy bear, 5 a day will turn you into a pussy cat and 10 or more will make you a sweet honey-do melon (beware, your wife may eat you up!)
76-Surprise him by having a special evening and inviting friends over for a fun evening.
77-Make a list of all the “Honey-do s “ that you can do for him and put it on the fridge or post it somewhere. Title it “My Honey dos” Check them off as you do them. Put a big smilie face on it.
78-Give a foot massage.
79-If you have an electric massager or can get one use it on his back < if not use a hand one or just nice strong hands with lotion or essential oils.
80-Be Fun! How about a water fight!
81- Play Rook , UNO, Phase 10 or other game together.
82-Go bowling together.
83-Play the pictionary game with the family.
84- In the summer get out the crochet set if you have one or another yard game. No yard? Go to the park.
85-Play golf together or practice putting around the yard.
Play a computer game together.
88- go horseback riding or bike riding together if you enjoy that.
89- Take a walk together
90- go hiking
91-Ride to a scenic place.
92-Go fishing together.
93- Make a movie of him at work, home, play, hobby, church and other activites. Add some pictures of past years.
94-Go to the zoo together.
95-Plan a trip together.
96-Go swimming if you like.
97- go to an amusement park togther.
98-go to a community play
99-Go to a good movie together
100-Rent his favorite movie and watch it with special treats. (in house date night)
Bonus things to do
101-Express gratitude to him for something special he has done. Do this every day.
102- Remember that a neat, clean home effects how he feels about himself. Have everything p icked up when he comes home from work. It also makes you feel better about your self.
103-rely on inspiration to help you through the difficult times. Love conquers all.
104- remember that you can make a huge difference in his happiness. You can make a world of difference.
105- Love is a verb. It is not something that just happens to us. It is a choice. Choose to love your spouse. He will respond in like manner. “Treat him as he is and he will stay as he is but treat as he may become and he will become that bigger and better man” Goethe

Tablet cover from a book & Dress it up!

Plain or “girly” I love it!

It is so easy to make a tablet cover from a book.
I used the directions from this website below. I saved my self from buying a $40.00 cover.  You can make different one’s  to match different wardrobe colors!  

It is simple to do.  I did a couple of things differently.
I covered the inside of the book cover with scrapbook paper and I made my black elastic long enough to meet underneath and then I stitched the ends together by hand.  I just am not going to trust hot glue to hold anything this expensive and heavy in place.  I used 2 layers of card-stock on the right and then covered it with the scrapbook paper.  Then I marked the slits for the elastic on the back and threaded it through and stitched it.  I glued it all together with some book binding glue that I had on hand.  It needs to be strong.  I painted it on with a foam brush.  Then I stacked books on it to dry over night before I put the tablet in it.  I added a strip of contrasting scrapbook paper just to brighten it up.  then I tied a ribbon around the front cover and secured it with glue and sticky glue dots. You might leave it plain for a guy though. Now my husband says I have it girly enough that he won’t be carrying it around!  That could be a good thing!

Birthday Chair Cover

For the Special Birthday Person
You can slip this cover over the back of your chair and  make it a special place for the Birthday person.  There is a pocket on the back for notes and birthday cards.  Now the way is paved for you to have each member of the family write a special note to the guest on their special day. It is fun and easy to make.  Just like an easy pillow case.  Just fit it to your chair. I had enough fabric for a tablecloth too.  Red napkins are already in my stash from valentines’s day.  Now we just need a special red plate and we are really set.  Maybe that will come soon. 🙂

Cute No Slip hangers,

*sorry if this picture hurts your eyes, its killing mine today???* I just can’t ever throw these things away. I am constantly needing more hangers. Probably a combinations of my fashionista daughter and my refashioning and thrift store habits combined. So for no money at all. I used some extra flannel that I couldn’t decide what to do with and with 1/2 a yard I covered about 8 hangers, in 1/2 and hour. I just love them for those slippery tops that keep ending up on the floor. These would be cute to give with a gift of clothes, or for the newleyweds?