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Valentine In A Box

Valentine In A BoxValentine In A Box- I love this valentine because it has the element of surprise and it can also be a decoration as well as a valentine  greeting card.  It is not really time consuming.  There are so many different ways you could create this dimensional card.

1-Cut a piece of cardstock to measure 8 1/4″ by 9″

pictures from phone feb 4 060 next Score along the 9″ edge at 2 1/8″, 4 1/4″, 6 3/8/” and 8 1/2 ”  if you look closely you can see the score lines. pictures from phone feb 4 062 4- With the  8 1/4 inch side on top, and your 2 3/4 ” score to the left of the cardstock, cut to measure 6″.  Save the piece that is cut off.


pictures from phone feb 4 063


pictures from phone feb 4 066 5- Measure the scrap piece and cut to 3 1/8″ making sure to include the tab.  You will end up with a piece that now has a tab along each side.  Cut in half at 1 1/8 so now you have two strips, each with a tab on each end.  Fold tabs up in a Z and adhere sticky tape strip to ends and set aside. pictures from phone feb 4 067 pictures from phone feb 4 068

6- Take the main card stock so the 2 3/4″ side is at the top and cut along the small square score lines to create flaps,.  Trim off tiny strip left over, and discard it. pictures from phone feb 4 069 pictures from phone feb 4 070

Fold on the creases and use sticky strip to adhere the box from phone feb 4 071 pictures from phone feb 4 073 pictures from phone feb 4 075

Now you can cut four panels 2″x1 5/8″  to decorate the flaps of the box with, Glue them on the flaps.

pictures from phone feb 4 076

Now bend the z stips and add the sticky tape to the flaps and stick them inside your box.  Then flatten the box and crease it to make sure your box will collapse for the from phone feb 4 077

It will look like this when the strips are inside.  pictures from phone feb 4 080

pictures from phone feb 4 081 Now either cut your hearts and flowers from stamps or use a Cricut to cut the flowers and hearts as I did.  I think that saved me a lot of time.  Then I just decorated the flowers with markers and wrote “Love Ya” on a heart with a pencil our used a heart stamp on it that said “I Love You”.  then I flattened the box and stamped the little stamps, I have two of them, on the box.  or decorate it any way you wish.

Cut some strips of green for the stems and glue them on the flowers and hearts and arrange them in the box just like you would a simple floral arrangement.  I found that 7 items worked well for me.

pictures from phone feb 4 082 there you have it a nice valentine surprise for someone special.  My grandchildren will just love this. pictures from phone feb 4 088I got this idea and measurements for  You can look there for a video.

Thanksgiving and Christmas Reversible Wooden Blocks.

I started this project by finding 7 2×4 pieces. These were scraps so I didn’t measure them at all. I just lined them up in an order that I liked and went with that.
First I painted them a light brown color that I thought would look good with either the Believe sign or the Give Thanks sign. I also painted the one side christmas colors and the other side fall colors. I thought this would be fun to have two holidays taken care of without having to put the Thanksgiving sign away and get the Christmas sign out of the box. I drew the letters on with pencil until I liked them then used a thin tip brush to paint it on.

I am already enjoying the Christmas side of these blocks. So far I still have thanksgiving stuff out but the only Christmas decoration I have out is this one.

The Best Sharpie art projects are now Dishwasher safe.

mug collagemarkers

I haven’t figured out why coloring on dishes is so addicting.  I just can’t get enough of these.  First of all lets talk about Sharpies.  Sharpies are permanent markers, Yes. But if you write on a slick plate its just going to wipe right off.  I have seen tutorial after tutorial about these, and I was so frustrated.  It looks like so much fun to design something so awesome, but I want to use those things, not put them on a shelf to collect dust.  Then I finally saw these OIL BASED Sharpie paint pens.  Oh WOW!  this is so much fun.   anniversary plateHere is a great gift for Grandparents.  I made a plate like this, at one of those ceramic shops for my parents about 2 grandchildren,  7 grandchildren in laws, and 3 great-grandchildren ago.  It was very costly and a little stressful, but very fun to make. I made them a new updated version (ahem, with a dollar store plate) for a fraction of the cost.
birthday plateThis is a birthday plate I made for my family.  We already used this yesterday for my birthday boy.  And it has been through the dishwasher.  I had a set of white mugs so I thought it would be a fun activity to let the kids decorate their own mugs.  They have been instructed this is their cup and that’s what they use, no more 10 cups a day.  So far so good.

Next I plan on trying a vase, a cookie jar, a frame….. What else can you think of?

Snowman DIY

Easy to make adorable snowman DIYSnowman DIY

I love this little guy.  He hardly needs an explanation.  He was made by my daughter, Becky.  Such a cheery little guy!


You will need

1- Two dowels about 1″ by 30″

2-Child’s Shoes or boots

3-Child’s socks

4-20″x about 30″ white  of fabric fleece

5-pillow stuffing or batting

5- buttons for eyes and front.

6- stocking cap and scarf

8- wood.  1/2″ thick and 8 or 9″ square.

Sew a tub of the white fleece and close the top.  20″ high and 30″ around or smaller if you wish. taper the bottom in a rounded curve leaving plenty of room for the two dowels.

glue buttons for eyes and on the front for shirt buttons

place socks in shoes and glue them into the shoes.

Glue them to a square of wood to fit the shoes.

place the tube of fleece on top and stuff it tight.

add the hat and scarf and you have an adorable friend to set by your door !

Chalkboard Holiday Blocks, very simple and interchangeable

I  painted these wooden holiday blocks (cut from a 2×6) in a tan neutral color, before using the chalkboard paint on them so they would match my house, but be versatile and interchangeable blocks for all the holidays.


chalkboard block letters490


only 4 wooden letter blocks plus a base 2×4 and here is a list of the sayings I have come up with to use here.






Give – thanks


HOME – welcome


Xo  Xo  Xo

Ho Ho Ho


So many fun things to do with them, I hope you make some of your own, or I can custom make them for you if you contact me.

Have a Great Day!!

Simple Mummy Wreath

Are you a Halloween Fan?? I will admit it, I am. I love the fall and everything about it, harvest, smell of apple cider, and pumpkins. The only thing I don’t love is the candy…. AND the mood swings following the gorging of candy that seems to last for almost two weeks. What do you love about it?

My favorite crafts are the CUTE FAST AND CHEAP ONES.  I had all the supplies on hand for this cute little mummy wreath and it took only minutes to assemble.  I found the idea on pinterest by Worth link to instructions is right here.

Happy Halloween!!!

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