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Measuring Tape Bow

tape measure box


It is pretty simple to just take a measuring tape and shape it into a bow, tape it together and add it to your package.  You might find other things around that house to make attractive bows out of like yarn, string, ric rac, strips of paper, belts or scarves.  create bow out of magazine pages and wrapping paper.  Just be creative and match your gift wrapping to the lucky reciever!

Here is a tutorial on creating your own bow out of magazine pages.


Shirt & Tie Wrap


Shirt & Tie Wrap DIY

Shirt and tie wrap! This just might be the most admired package under your tree.

First I found an old shirt My husband no longer wanted or else I bought it at the thrift store.

Found an old die also to use.

December things 003

Next put the box with the present in side it.  inside of the shirt and then trim away the extra fabric so you can size up the box and shirt together.  Just make sure you leave enough room for seams.  then take it off of the box and sew up the ends and the sides of the box.

Then put the present inside by opening it in the front with the buttons.  Of course, that is simple.  then you can use your needle and thread to take up any extra and see how the sew a piece on the corners up so that the shirt takes on a box shape.  You can get the idea from a folded  paper sack.  You might even just wrap the package with paper and not tape it.  Put creases where needed and follow that as your pattern.  Wish I had thought of that while I was doing it.  🙂


December things 004

Now do some stitching to make it fit snugly and there you have it.  a box that looks like a shirt.  It can be a dead giveaway for what is inside or you can put a complete surprise inside.  Either way, it is a bunch of fun.

December things 008


Finally add the tie to it as you see above.  I also used a tie pin without the back on it.  I just stuck it through the tie and the box and it stayed in place.

Happy wrapping.

Free Holiday printables or gift tags for Christmas

I created these these cute little printable gift tags with PicMonkey.  I inteded to so many more, but Christmas is seriously sneaking up on me. How about you? I blame this super unusually warm weather. I have been making these little printable gift tags for the Holiday to print whenever I need them, and wanted to post them for anyone to use. I ran out of time to take pics of gifts and post them as well. But, its the thought that counts right?

If right click and copy doesnt’ work, just email me and I will get it right to you.

Soapin dough survival kit TIdings

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Giftwrap for a Seamstress

Cleaver way to refashion what you have for Giftwrap.  

Every seamstress or would be seamstress has patterns laying around that will never again be used.   You can also find them at thrift stores for as little as a quarter.  You may even find old wooden spools with or without thread at the thrift stores.  Old buttons are everywhere. Give those items new life by creatively wrapping a gift for their next birthday or holiday.  They will be delighted.giftwrap-for-a-seamstress


1-An old pattern

2-Wide rick-rac

3-Old wooden spools of thread if you have them or other thread.

4-Any buttons in your stache.

Just wrap the present first with some plain white paper like butcher paper, newsprint or regular wrapping paper i nside out.

tie with ric-rac and string the thread together and tie to the ric tac bow

Thread a few strands of thread in the buttons and then hot glue them on the package.

Santa Gift Bag

Santa Gift Bag

Take a nice red gift bag.  put on a real belt and bells buttons and batting for beard.  This looks so festive under the tree.

this darling Santa gift bag was easy to make from some red wrapping foil.  You can make a bag by wrapping it around a box and leaving the top open.  You can also just wrap your gift in foil.  Find an adjustable belt so you can make it small enough to fit the bag.  Glue on some old buttons, Glue a little batting to the top and add a few bells to the belt.  You have the cutest santa gift a person could ever want!  It makes a great decoration for the house or under the tree too.

It is shiny, bright and cheerful.  Make several and pass them on to happy receivers.

Pearls and Doily dress this gift up beautifully

A little doily adds a lovely touch to any gift.

Rich and and elegant. The crystal angel just didn’t show up on the package even though it was gorgeous with the gold and pearls but I ran across this doily and just slipped it under everything and there you go!  The red you see is just a reflections of the lights on the tree. 

Dress your package with pearls and a doily… mmm rich looking.

This just looks so rich and elegant. The crystal angel just didn’t show up on the package even though it was gorgeous with the gold and pearls but I ran across this doily and just slipped it under everything and there you go!  The red you see is just a reflections of the lights on the tree.