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Chocolate Town Pie


Chocolate Town Pie  is my new favorite pie and I think it will remain that way!  Yummy and so easy to make.  I could put whipped cream on it but I want you to see how it looks then you can add the whipped cream if you like.  It tastes like a pecan pie with melted  chocolate chips in it.  When I read this recipe it looked like to me that it would be a chocolate cookie in a crust but no… It is much better and has that soft gooey, yummy center like a Pecan pie.

Here is the recipe I got from a friend.



  • Ingredients

9 inch unbaked pie shell

1/2 cup butter or margarine, softened

2 eggs beaten

2 teaspoons vanilla

1 cup sugar

1/2 cup flour

1 cup chocolate chips (I used the big milk chocolate kind)

1 cup chopped pecans (you could use walnuts) but then, it wouldn’t taste like a pecan pie would it?

  • Directions

Prepare pastry shell; set aside. Heat oven to 350.  In a smallmixer bowl cream butter, add eggs and vanilla.  combine sugar and flour and add to creamed mixture.  Stir in chocolate chips and nuts.  Pour into unbaked pastry shell.

  • Bake

Bake 45 to 50 minutes or until golden .  Cool about one hour.  Serve warm, with whipped cream.

This Chocolate Town Pie is as “easy as pie”!  I can hardly wait to make it again.  I won’t even wait for a holiday for this one.



Pajamas- Six Ideas

Pajamas for Kids are the perfect Christmas Present.  We like to let our children open these special gifts on Christmas Eve so they will have new Pajamas to wear on that special night.   Here are a few pair I made for grandchildrenphone-dec-15-551

These Pajamas are perfect for the girl who loves owls.

phone-dec-15-553this Pair matches the quilt she received and is her favorite design.  I used an easy button front pattern.


the little boy who got these loves monsters and these monsters glow in the dark.  If you have a child afraid of the dark this kind of fabric might help them.  this boy is not afraid of the dark but he loves the fact that the monsters glow when the lights are out.


Do you have a sports enthusiast?  this boy love any sport that has a ball so he was really excited to receive these Pajamas

phone-feb-18-160these Pajamas have a different pattern than the button front.  They are for an older child and have a yoke top to slip their head through.  No buttons to bother with here.  They also match her quilt.

phone-dec-15-555These Pajamas are for a teenager with the yoke top and made from the same fabric as her quilt.  Yes, last year I made quilts for these children and the PJs they got for Christmas matched the quilts they received on their birthday’s that year.

Special gifts like these always bring smiles and comfort especially in times of turmoil.

I don’t just sew.  I sew to  mend hearts.  Do you?

phone-feb-18-156This kid loves Minecraft and sent me a picture of his favorite Mooze.  I printed it out as an iron on and put it on a knit top that I made and made special knit pajama bottoms for him.  It brought huge smiles.

I might add that I wouldn’t do this type of an iron on again of pajamas because it was too  rubbery.  It would be good on a T Shirt though.  this top turned out to be too short so I had to make another.  He still loved it though.



Easy Baby Quilt

This Easy Baby Quilt was such fun to make and was quite stress free.

Easy Baby Quilt

I Started with just three coordinating fabrics.

Aqua blue print with a matching brown and aqua with white print.  then I added a white on white print to give the contrast.  the thing that I like most about this quilt is the fabric and next the easy design.  there is not much matching to worry about.  Only the point of the center in each block.  With the blocks turned opposite for each row it keeps the eye moving around the quilt.

I also made a label to put on the back of the quilt with machine embroidery for the letters.  It includes the name and year and my name.

I love following a pattern when I can.  the pattern for this quilt is in a book called “the Big Book of Baby Quilts” by Martingale  (no they did not pay me to recommend them but I do.  there are 87 patterns in this book and I will be making more.  this is the second one from this book so far.

Easy Owl Costume

Easy owl costume

this easy owl costume is also free if you have a couple of old white shirts and a little piece or orange or yellow for the beak and a few markers.  I used black for the eyes on the hat and gray for the lines on some of the feathers.

1- just cut the collar off of the shirt

2- cut the front off by cutting along the yoke and straight down the top of the sleeve20151023_154848.

3- cut the bottom 1/4 of the sleeve off a few inches above the placket.

4- make a pattern of cardboard for your feathers.

5-cut around the bottom of the shirt so it is shaped as the feathers using the pattern you made. Also cut the feather shape on the edges of the sleeves.

6- using the front of the shirt including the placket with buttons and with buttonholes together lay the plackets on top of each other and use the pattern to cut the shape of feathers on it making two long strips of feathers.  Do the same on the second shirt front and then cut 2 similar strips of feathers using the back of the extra white shirt.

7- draw random feather lines with a gray maker on the feathers.  I left most of them white.

8- now sew the strips on the back of the shirr and you have it!20151023_164658 along with a squeeling happy owl fan!

9-Now the hat.  I just cut off a section of the sleeve.  Turned it wrongside out and folded it in half and cut the shape of the points on the top so they would be alike.  Sew that seam. Turn it right side out.20151023_173810-1

10- cut two triangles of orange fabric and one more of a stiff fabric of interfacing and sandwich them together and sew and turn.

11- Now just slip it under the center of the front side of the hat and sew it on.

12- Draw the eyes with a black marker.  Remember to leave a little white in the pupil and I choose to give it eyelashes.I just used the cap of a pill bottle for the pattern for the eyes.  Grandmas always have those you know!

13-draw feathers along the top with the gray marker.

More happy squeals from your little Halloween owl fan!  Have fun.  It took me less than 2 hours to complete this project.


Apron tutorial

I promised and an apron tutorial so here is how this one is made.  there is a link at the bottom for more tutorials of other aprons.

1-Cut a square 30″x 30″ and round the corners on the bottom.

You may adjust the length of the apron to your desired length.

2-Cut a waistband and ties in two  strips 5″ by 45″ each It will be folded in half lengthwise.

3-For a ruffle around the apron, Cut a strip 1 1/2 times the measurement of the distance of the sides and the bottom of the apron.

to Sew

1-Hem one edge of the ruffle strip with a narrow hem

2- sew basting stitch on t he raw side of the ruffle strip and pull up the gathers until the ruffle fits the edge of the apron.

3-Sew the ruffle on the apron.

4- Gather the top of the apron to fit the waist front of the person who will be wearing it.

5-Fold the waistband/ties piece in half lengthwise and press. Turn under 1/4 ” on both edges and press.

6-Encase the apron in that band centering it in the front.Pin and top stitch it from the top.

7-Top stitch the remaining ties that are left on each end.

8-Hem the end of the ties either across or cut a diagonal on the end.

8-to add a simple pocket.  Cut two shapes. Whatever size you like your pocket to be.  (maybe 6″ wide and 7″high)

9-sew them together with right sides together leaving a place to turn it.

10-turn the pocket right side out.

11-press and top stitch the sides and bottom onto the apron.

Here are 10 Apron tutorials  Free

Wrist Wallets

Wrist Wallets are easy to make and fun to wear.  They take just a few scraps and are useful and fun to make.  You can wear them with the zipper inside or out.  They make a terrific gift for gals who like to work out or run.  They might only want to carry the house key or student card or a little money in them.   these cost me nothing but the time and I am sure the girls who received them were delighted. Wrist Wallet     I started with three layers of fabric.  and quilted two of them the center being a piece of soft flannel.  That makes the back.  then cut two strips for the top so you can put the zipper in between.  First sew a square to the top and the bottom of the zipper so that it is the same length as the sides and the back pieces.  Measure the wrist first and make it long enough to over lap atleast and inch and a half so it can be closed with velcro. 

phone pice 2014 022  phone pice 2014 027 phone pice 2014 028 Be sure to leave the zipper half open when you sew it onto the back piece or it will be a trick getting it open to turn it.  phone pice 2014 024phone pice 2014 023Turn it right side out and attach the velcro and there you have it.  a stylish Wrist Wallet. Young  Boys like them too if you use the right fabric for them.



Just choose two coordinating fabrics and the flannel inside can be anything as it will not show.  phone pice 2014 030 phone pice 2014 032I followed specific directions from the book “Sew Gifts! from The Patchwork Place.


Pencil Purse & Book Cover

I love this project.  It is so bright and fun.  It is just the right look for a pencil purse with little pieced pencils running across it and a notebook cover either for art or journaling or note taking.  Just the right thing for that special girl no matter her age.  I cannot decide which of my special little artists will receive this one.I They were made totally from scraps and a zipper that I had on hand.So, though they are valuable, The only cost was the composition book (less than a dollar) that I put inside of it.

Pencil Purse and Book Cover


I created this awesome set from a book called “Sew Gifts!” by that Patchwork Place, an imprint of Martingale.  It is a very nice book and I would recommend it to anyone.  I did have some trouble with piecing the pencils together according to the directions since I am a beginner at piecing.  If you are just learning, just remember that the smaller the pieces are  probably the more difficult to do than larger pieces.   But if you sew much at all, you can do this.  So I developed my own process of piecing the pencils and I will show you how I do it.

1   1  after you have decided what size you want your pencils, and cut the fabric in rectangle strips so that you have a longer rectangle for your pencil, a strip of tan for your wood and another short strip for the lead of your pencil only longer than the finished pencil.  Then cut longer rectangles that will measure long enough to go 1/4 inch below the wood piece  and above the top (the exact measurements for this purse are in the book “Sew Gifts”    

blog pics and January 006

 Fold one edge of the two background pieces 1/4 inch and press.


2-Place the pieces one at a time so they extend 1/4 inch below the tan piece and pin in place from the back.  Open it up as shown and sew on the fold line.  then place the second piece on making sure that it meets the other piece at the point of the pencil.  Then sew it on the fold line


blog pics and January 007

then open and press and you have the cutest pencils you can imagine.

Free Holiday printables or gift tags for Christmas

I created these these cute little printable gift tags with PicMonkey.  I inteded to so many more, but Christmas is seriously sneaking up on me. How about you? I blame this super unusually warm weather. I have been making these little printable gift tags for the Holiday to print whenever I need them, and wanted to post them for anyone to use. I ran out of time to take pics of gifts and post them as well. But, its the thought that counts right?

If right click and copy doesnt’ work, just email me and I will get it right to you.

Soapin dough survival kit TIdings

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Snowman DIY

Easy to make adorable snowman DIYSnowman DIY

I love this little guy.  He hardly needs an explanation.  He was made by my daughter, Becky.  Such a cheery little guy!


You will need

1- Two dowels about 1″ by 30″

2-Child’s Shoes or boots

3-Child’s socks

4-20″x about 30″ white  of fabric fleece

5-pillow stuffing or batting

5- buttons for eyes and front.

6- stocking cap and scarf

8- wood.  1/2″ thick and 8 or 9″ square.

Sew a tub of the white fleece and close the top.  20″ high and 30″ around or smaller if you wish. taper the bottom in a rounded curve leaving plenty of room for the two dowels.

glue buttons for eyes and on the front for shirt buttons

place socks in shoes and glue them into the shoes.

Glue them to a square of wood to fit the shoes.

place the tube of fleece on top and stuff it tight.

add the hat and scarf and you have an adorable friend to set by your door !