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Kite Valentine

I loved this idea when I saw it.

One of the most fun things to do is to make it personal.  I

Kite Valentine

I didn’t have a book I wanted to cut up so I copied a page from the index of my scriptures and drew a heart around the word, “Love”.  The big heart was cut by hand and the smaller ones were punches.  the string is just a piece of ribbon.  The corner punch works out cute on two corners.  I put a little glitter and a rhinestone on the large heart to add some bling.  Can’t wait to give this one.

I first saw this idea here-


Valentine For Him

This valentine is sharp and masculine yet fast and easy to make. Just use some scrap paper and go with it.  I used two pieces of black and white print. This card is made from and 8 1/2 by 11″ piece of red folded in half. Valentine for Him

The writing is with a gold pen and the little heart on the strip is rhinestones to give it a bling. the hearts are mounted with foam tape to make them stand out and the arrow is also mounted with foam tape on top of the heart and a double thick strip under the arrow on each end.  It gives it an added dimension.   I cut the strip in the shape of an arrow then backed the whole card with a piece of black card-stock to give it an extra border.  I find that little trick usually adds something special for the eye.

He is going to love this card with a special poem or love note inside.


Doodle Hearts Valentine Card

This is one of my favorite valentines and was so much fun to make.   I saw a picture of a similar valentine but did not have the paper that I needed to look right so I cut some plain hearts of white and red paper and doodled designs on them.  I am sure you can pick out which ones are the doodled hearts. I didn’t have the paper I wanted  so I cut some plain hearts of white and red paper and doodled designs on them. Doodle Hearts Valentinethe  hearts measure almost 1 3/4 inches from to bottom and the card is 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inches (a quarter sheet size. then trim it down 1/4 inch on each side and place it on red card-stock which measures 8 1/2″ by 5 1/2 ”

I wrote the words also but if you have a nice stamp you could use it.  You might say that this card is very much “handmade”.

the link to the original design is from here

Reverse Heart Valentine

This reverse heart valentine is a trick and treat for the eye. Enjoy

Reverse Heart Valentinethis Reverse heart valentine really caught my eye as it did some tricks on it but quickly you  will see the hearts in the design.  It was fun and easy to make with no particular tools but a pair of scissors and glue plus some shiny red paper that actually came from a book of Christmas papers.

the first thing I did was cut a 2 1/2 inch square then cut out a heart the desired size to fit on

how to make Love you

The sides of these hearts or half hearts are 1 1/2 inches high.  Then I just traced around half the heart centering it on the edge of each side of the square.


valentine pics 015Not I just cut out the half heart on each edge.  Here you can see what it looked like with the pattern heart laid on it before I traced it.  After it is cut our you simply paste the matching edges of the heart along the right opening.

the trick is that if your paper is two-sided you just flip the half heats over before you paste them on so they will match up.  If your paper is one sided then you need to cut two squares and half hearts.  One must be the reverse of the other or they won’t fit.  That gives you two designs for two valentines with only a little paper used.

this is not my design but my method of making it is my own.  Directions for making it with a punch are found here


Valentine In A Box

Valentine In A BoxValentine In A Box- I love this valentine because it has the element of surprise and it can also be a decoration as well as a valentine  greeting card.  It is not really time consuming.  There are so many different ways you could create this dimensional card.

1-Cut a piece of cardstock to measure 8 1/4″ by 9″

pictures from phone feb 4 060 next Score along the 9″ edge at 2 1/8″, 4 1/4″, 6 3/8/” and 8 1/2 ”  if you look closely you can see the score lines. pictures from phone feb 4 062 4- With the  8 1/4 inch side on top, and your 2 3/4 ” score to the left of the cardstock, cut to measure 6″.  Save the piece that is cut off.


pictures from phone feb 4 063


pictures from phone feb 4 066 5- Measure the scrap piece and cut to 3 1/8″ making sure to include the tab.  You will end up with a piece that now has a tab along each side.  Cut in half at 1 1/8 so now you have two strips, each with a tab on each end.  Fold tabs up in a Z and adhere sticky tape strip to ends and set aside. pictures from phone feb 4 067 pictures from phone feb 4 068

6- Take the main card stock so the 2 3/4″ side is at the top and cut along the small square score lines to create flaps,.  Trim off tiny strip left over, and discard it. pictures from phone feb 4 069 pictures from phone feb 4 070

Fold on the creases and use sticky strip to adhere the box from phone feb 4 071 pictures from phone feb 4 073 pictures from phone feb 4 075

Now you can cut four panels 2″x1 5/8″  to decorate the flaps of the box with, Glue them on the flaps.

pictures from phone feb 4 076

Now bend the z stips and add the sticky tape to the flaps and stick them inside your box.  Then flatten the box and crease it to make sure your box will collapse for the from phone feb 4 077

It will look like this when the strips are inside.  pictures from phone feb 4 080

pictures from phone feb 4 081 Now either cut your hearts and flowers from stamps or use a Cricut to cut the flowers and hearts as I did.  I think that saved me a lot of time.  Then I just decorated the flowers with markers and wrote “Love Ya” on a heart with a pencil our used a heart stamp on it that said “I Love You”.  then I flattened the box and stamped the little stamps, I have two of them, on the box.  or decorate it any way you wish.

Cut some strips of green for the stems and glue them on the flowers and hearts and arrange them in the box just like you would a simple floral arrangement.  I found that 7 items worked well for me.

pictures from phone feb 4 082 there you have it a nice valentine surprise for someone special.  My grandchildren will just love this. pictures from phone feb 4 088I got this idea and measurements for  You can look there for a video.

Men’s Birthday Card

Men's Birthday Card


this birthday card for the guy in your life is made with craft card stock, two paper patterns, ribbon and metal embellishments like the key, lock and chain add a special touch to this card.  To make it all stand out, I matted it with a darker piece of card stock.

envelopeRemember if you do this to a card without cutting it down first that you will then have to use a bigger envelope.  I made one by laying the card on a piece of patterned music paper and folding around it and trimming it off.  I used the piece I cut off to shape the right side as a pattern for the left side.  that is an easy way to make them match. Everyone loves those special envelopes