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Cute Elephant Quilt DIY-

This fun elephant theme quilt was lots of fun to make. The elephant theme is so cute to dress up any nursery and the colors will work for a boy or a girl.  It was a fun experience to make this one. The pattern is simple.

Cutting Squares

It is made of 10″ squares and sew down to about 9″ squares finished.


I drew the picture below of the elephant.  I have scanned it for you.  You should be able to print it .  Trace the pattern onto Pellon Wonder Under or similar bonding fabric. and then iron it on the fabric and cut it out after you have the pellon on it.     Follow the instructions that come with your iron on  fabric. Also trace  the ears and do the same.  I made the eyes by choosing the eyelet stitch on my machine.  You could hand embroider it or use a permanent marker.   

after sewing the finished squares together,  sandwich it with the batt.  I used cotton batting , and the back.  This quilt it backed with a dark gray minky that reminds me of soft elephants if there is such a creature.



I quilted this on my machine.  It is done with the free motion method.  this method requires a lot of practice so if you haven’t done it before look it up on You Tube or take a class and do a lot of practicing first.  It is fun to do but give it some time.  I would not recommend quilting this method with minky on the back as it is too hard to see the back and check to make sure you have done it right.  Next time, I will use a cotton fabric on the back but babies love minky so it is a good thing if you are an expert at machine free motion quilting.

You could also choose to do it by hand or have someone do it on a free arm quilting machine.

This quilt will look great in my great grandson’s crib.  Or on a nursery wall.

15 Denim Bib Ideas

15 Denim Bib Ideas for you.

Denim Bibs
Denim Bibs- Here are 15 different denim bibs that I have made.  they are so inexpensive yet very popular and sturdy.  Mom’s love them.  they protect the baby just perfectly.  I have recently started putting tie closures on my bibs so that the baby can wear them longer as they grow.  I love to use decorative stitches to enhance the fabrics and you can also find stitches, if your lucky, they coordinate with the theme of the bib.  The cars above are so cute with this fabric and to top it off, the family name of this baby is Carr!  How fun it that.  If the Dad likes cars or planes or whatever then that is a fun theme to pick.  If the mom is into cup cakes or sports or bling or flowers there are all sorts of ideas you can come up with to make the bibs personal to the family you are giving it to .  I find these bibs are really appreciated because they are made with love.  Some find their way as a wall decoration too.  These are all fast, easy and very economical gifts. Have fun!

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Fancy Stitches cover the bib above.  A great way to bring personality to a bib.  It is also a creative way to use all those stitches you  may have on your machine. It is so much fun!

Phone March 16 084

I machine embroidered this design on a piece of the denim from these dark blue jeans and then  made a pocket from that piece of fabric.  It was easier than embroidering on an existing pocket. this was by special request from a mom who loves pigs! who doesn’t love a cute pig.  They are adorable.

Phone March 16 059

I live this simple bib with pretty stitches on each side of this valentine fabric.

Phone March 16 055

this bib is cut directly from the back side of a pair of jeans.

I lined it with the same fabric that I made the ties and the pocket handkerchief from. the ties are also made of the same fabric.  I like to use ties on bibs because they allow the child to wear it longer as they grow.

phone june 1 066

A neckerchief sewn on at the neck turns this into a perfect cowboy or Cowgirl – bib.  I stitched around it with a decorative stitch instead of plain top stitching.  It is durable and adorable.


denim bibs

These four bibs are other examples of the strip of cute fabric and then decorative stitches on top and bottom.  They are closed with a snap.



This doggy bib is one of my favorites.  The cute little puppy embroidery was fast and easy and looks so cute with matching puppy fabric at the top.  It think it is a lot better than plain denim would be.  Spice it up with a little piece of fabric at the top.


this embroidered airplane was a hit.  it is so cute and fun to make.

tie bib

this dashing little tie bib is also accented with a little pocket.  The top is actually a side seam.  I used two shades of denim here.  One way you can do that is to use the back of the fabric for the lighter color.

cowboy bib

this bib is topped with adorable cowboy printed flannel.  I like how the seam of the leg accents the middle of the bib.  You can embroider the baby’s name or the word “Cowboy” or “Cowpoke” on it to spice it up.

cowgirl bib

I love this cute cowgirl bib.  The bandana is sewn on at an angle and the red around the outer edge is really decorative stitching but gives the impression of ric rac.

so there you have it.  15 denim bibs to bring smiles to mommys and babies.  also a smile to your pocketbook as they are very inexpensive to make from old jeans and scraps of fabric.

Happy Bib Making.

Elephant Themed Bibs

May 15.16 026 May 15.16 025

I love elephants! Give an Elephant Themed Bib and you will have a happy mama!


These two cute Elephant Themed Bibs are so adorable.  The appliqued Elephant was one I drew myself.  I cut out the pieces and ironed them on with “Wonder Under” and did the satin stitches around it.  the eyes are and eyelet stitch on my machine and the eyebrows are just a narrow satin stitch.. The head is a separate piece from the body and of course the inner ears are separate.  I used shiny embroidery thread to satin stitch around it. It is Sulky 40 wt. 100% Rayon and it worked out great.  I like to use it in the bobbin as well but you may use another gray if you have it.  Always experiment on a scrap before you stitch it.   YOu may enlarge and print the picture of the elephant and trace it for a pattern.

The other Elephant Themed Bib is inspired by this adorable Elephant fabric.  Then I found that I have Elephants in my decorative stitches in my machine.  I have a Pfaff Creative 4.5 and I love it.   any machine will make this bib as long as you have a zigzag stitch but the decorative stitches vary.  You might find another stitch that works for a decorative stitch or just leave that out.   So I had to make a row on each of these bibs.  I especially like the pink ones.

In the past all my bibs were closed in the back with a snap but when I learned that my little grandson had outgrown his bib by the time  he was eating from a spoon I started making bibs with the ties to close them at the back.  that way the neck of the bib will not get too small for the little darlings.  It just gives me peace of mind to do them that way.

Happy sweet baby girls.


Easy Baby Quilt

This Easy Baby Quilt was such fun to make and was quite stress free.

Easy Baby Quilt

I Started with just three coordinating fabrics.

Aqua blue print with a matching brown and aqua with white print.  then I added a white on white print to give the contrast.  the thing that I like most about this quilt is the fabric and next the easy design.  there is not much matching to worry about.  Only the point of the center in each block.  With the blocks turned opposite for each row it keeps the eye moving around the quilt.

I also made a label to put on the back of the quilt with machine embroidery for the letters.  It includes the name and year and my name.

I love following a pattern when I can.  the pattern for this quilt is in a book called “the Big Book of Baby Quilts” by Martingale  (no they did not pay me to recommend them but I do.  there are 87 patterns in this book and I will be making more.  this is the second one from this book so far.

Quilted Bib



Quilted BqprinThis quilted bib is made from the Baprin pattern that I found on this site Found on  All moms are crazy about this great cover up bib.  Skill level is medium because you have a lot of bias binding to put on it but it is easy. 1-

I- cut out three layers. one for the top of cotton and the back is coordinating flannel.  Inside is a piece of light fleece I had left over from another project.

2 I layered them and then just sewed the quilting lines on it

3-Add the binding and your done.  Make sure you put the binding on in the right order.

first I like to do the arm holes

second the neck

third the rest with the ties continuing out 11 inches.

Hooray!  It’s priceless!  Great shower gift.

Recycled DIY Cowboy Bib


Recycled Cowboy/ Cowgirl Bib


DIY Cowboy Bib

this DIY Cowboy Bib is a hit.

You can see from the pictures below that the denim is from a pair of Levi’s pant leg.  The back is a cute cowboy print flannel and the neckerchief is the corner of a bigger one.  Easy to layer and to sew.  I did put a basting stitch in the neck of the neckerchief and basted it to the denim before I sandwiched it in with the back.  You can decorate it with the word cowboy, machine or hand embroidery and then I did a little red decorative stitch around the edge.  I like to stitch around the edge so that it will come out of the wash nice and flat.

temple and blog 012 temple and blog 013 temple and blog 014 temple and blog 016


the only cost is the back and the neckerchief.  The bib measures 121/2 ” from top to bottom and 9 1/2 ” wide at the widest part. Mom’s like this size.

Quick to Sew Camo Bib

Make this easy cute quick to sew Camo Bib in just a little time. It makes a perfect baby shower gift. I made this one in an hour.

Camo Bib


This Camo  bib is perfect for the little sportsman in your life.  The tie is just appliqued on using 805 Wonder Under by Pelon. They don’t pay me to say that but I like this product for appliques.  Snaps are easy with these plastic snaps from Sew-Ology and a Babyville plier set.

My pattern for this bib is 12 inches high and 4 1/2 inches wide.  Mom’s love this size.  Make sure the neck opening is large enough for a 9 month old.  This neck hole is 11 inches around from where the snap goes around to the other snap.  So a baby with an 11 inch or smaller neck can wear it.

I made a smaller neck sized  bib for a grandson whose neck was too large for the bib when he got old enough to use it.  the snaps were the sewn on, so all I had to do was move the snaps.

It is backed with flannel with another layer of flannel inside to give it body and absorbency.  Bibs just are not very helpful if they are too flimsy to hold  some moisture.  The middle of the bib my be an old piece of fleece and piece of non matching scrap of flannel or cotton batting.  No one will ever see it so it does not need to match.  Just make sure that it does not show through the top fabric.  That is important to check especially if the fabric for the bib is light colored.




Quilted BIb

I love this quilted bib. You can make it from scraps or other coordinating fabrics you have on hand.Quilted Bib


You just need four coordinating fabrics cut 5 1/2 x 9 1/2 inches.  then sew them together as you see below and cut a piece of thin batting to fit it.

mm 001

then stretch them smooth and pin the edges.  You can then stitich around the ecges with a basting stitch so you don’t get poked with the pins as I did

mm 002mm 003

You see the sandwich here but unless you want it very thick, you might want to just quilt it with the top and batting and not put anything on the back.

mm 004  A piece this small does not realy need a hoop to quilt it.  just hold it taught with your hands. Do a random design sort of like a puzzle or a design of your choosing.  to cut the bib, fold it in half and My bib is 13″ tall and 10″ wide at the bottom before sewing on the back.  the neck hole is cut 3 1/4 ” across at the widest point.  It will be larger after you sew the back on.

kk 002I like to sew on big snaps for the closure.  You can  also sandwich a ribbon on each end for a tie closure .


Tickled “Pink” Baby Shower

Everyone was Tickled Pink” to be at this baby shower!

party 025

I did not give this shower but I was happy to be a guest and I asked permission to take these pictures so that I could share these ideas with you. The hostess worked hard and organized help to achieve a warm and friendly and fun atmosphere for this lucky mom and baby.  It was a great success with a large group of friends gathered to wish them well. The food was not only beautiful but it was delicious the pink hearts are homemade marshmallows dipped in pink chocolate.  Then pretzel sticks dipped in white and pink chocolate and even edible glitter on them.  Strawberries and bananas were served plain but so nice and colorful. party 026chocolate covered cheesecake with pink stripes was asdelicious as it looks. the white dish in the back was chocolate covered Oreos.  There was a delicious chocolate trifle you see in the back and wouldn’t you know that I forgot to take a picture of the equally attractive veggie 024 to drink. pink lemonade in bottles or jars filled with the lemon water or cool aid.  All decorated with pink doilies and striped straws. party 023 party 022 These festive garlands and banners were all made by the hostess.  party 021 party 020 party 019This topiary tree was made of tissue flowers with pearls in the center.  They were made by a group of volunteer young women.  party 018A candy “bar” of all kinds of pink sweets was in the first area just past the display of supplies so the guests could make headbands for the baby.  It was equipped with various beautiful elastic ribbon, lace and flowers and jeweled buttons with glue guns and scissors to achieve the right look.  Everyone could make one for the baby.  party 017

Baby Boy Bib With Tie re-pursed jeans


Denim and Ties Are So Great Together

I wanted to make some baby boy bibs for a friend’s new baby.  Denim is always so much fun to sew with, especially if it is from an old pair of jeans and you can re-purpose them.

First I cut out a tie shape and appliqued it on using fusible pelon under it.  I then cut  out a collar shape and stitched it in with a satin stitch.

Next I cut out a pocket using the seam of the pant leg as the top.  then I stitched the lining to it wrong sides together leaving an opening and then turning it .

I top stitched around it to give the whole edge a crisp look that would last through the washing’s.  This bib quickly became the favorite bib of my friend’s bibs.

I closed it with snaps sewn snugly on.