I promised and an apron tutorial so here is how this one is made.  
1-Cut a square 30″x 30″ and round the corners on the bottom.
You may adjust the length of the apron to your desired length.  
2-Cut a waistband and ties in two  strips 5″ by 45″ each It will be folded in half lengthwise.  
3-For a ruffle around the apron, Cut a strip 1 1/2 times the measurement of the distance of the sides and the bottom of the apron. 
to Sew
1-Hem one edge of the ruffle strip with a narrow hem 
2- sew basting stitch on t he raw side of the ruffle strip and pull up the gathers until the ruffle fits the edge of the apron.
3-Sew the ruffle on the apron.
4- Gather the top of the apron to fit the waist front of the person who will be wearing it. 
5-Fold the waistband/ties piece in half lengthwise and press. Turn under 1/4 ” on both edges and press.  
6-Encase the apron in that band centering it in the front.Pin and top stitch it from the top. 
7-Top stitch the remaining ties that are left on each end.   
8-Hem the end of the ties either across or cut a diagonal on the end. 
8-to add a simple pocket.  Cut two shapes. Whatever size you like your pocket to be.  (maybe 6″ wide and 7″high)
9-sew them together with right sides together leaving a place to turn it.  
10-turn the pocket right side out.
11-press and top stitch the sides and bottom onto the apron.   

Here are 10 Apron tutorials  Freehttp://www.skiptomylou.org/2010/11/02/10-free-apron-patterns/